Stacia  [market promoter]

Hello! I am a Dental Hygienist with Danyell with a love for all things rusted. My loving husband supports this Vintage Fix Market dream of mine. Friends are always asking where I get things I have in our house and I'd love for the Market to be their place of inspiration. I've spent many years helping my parents run the annual Tack Swap in Spokane (a yearly sale for anything horse related) and I'm transferring that knowledge to everything vintage. Danyell and I are excited for this new adventure together and we can't wait to see you at the Market!

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Danyell  [market promoter]

Hi!  I am a mom of two boys, a grandma , and married for 28 years to my wonderful husband, Erwin.  I am also a Dental Hygienist, where I work with Stacia.  I started up Rusty Nail Reclaimed with my mother a couple years ago.  We build and sell "Fixer Upper" style decor/furniture.  I am excited to host (with Stacia) a local market to sell our own items at.  I've been friends with Stacia for the last five years and we share the same love of vintage/reclaimed.  We knew the Tri-Cities would be the perfect place to support a vintage market.  We are so excited to start this adventure together and hope that it turns into a tradition for all who need a little vintage fix.

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